World´s 1st zero-emission public delivery network

 Micro neighbourhood HUBs connected via centralized smart routing system for Smart Cities

Immediate environmental impact

Sustainable urban deliveries for cities

Centralised last-mile package delivery solution

Centralised routing for any delivery from any ecommerce site

Simple city-wide ecommerce return solution

90% of customers choose this as their preferred returns option

Open-source city-wide €1 deliveries

Any business or individual can use Droppo to send anything across town

The future of urban package deliveries

Propietory Technology

Choose your delivery location and time for when it suits you

  • Micro Smart HUBs
  • Dynamic dispatching algorithm
  • Controlled by mobile tech
  • Open-source solution

Optimised Operations

Smart tracking of your packages

  • 7x packages per vehicle
  • Smart tracking
  • Sorting while in transit

Industry Experts

Worlds 1st public transport for packages

  • +30 years of international logistics experience
  • 100.000s deliveries from every national courier 
  • Operational in 6 cities

Droppo One Pager (pdf)


Why Smart Cities choose us (pdf)


For every delivery need (pdf)


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Droppo Headquarters

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